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Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Multi Block Winners.

Multi block Ice sculpturing contest brought four very talented teams to Chelan for the Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Sculpting contest.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Historic Ice Sculptures

This was just one of the many Ice Sculptures being put together this week by Creative Ice for Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012. They were busy all day yesterday going around the Lake Chelan Valley creating sculptures of Lake Chelan history.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Slide

Steve and Justin Cox gave the Ice Slide at the Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 a quick try after completing it today. Looks like it met their approval. People started lining up immediately to “Do The Slide”.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Bar

If you wondered what Creative Ice was sculpting next, look no farther. If you have an Ice Lounge, then you need a Ice Bar to go along with it.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Lounge Photos

Lake Chelan Winterfest is again proud to have International Master Ice Sculptor Steve Cox who brings over 20 years of experience to every handcrafted sculpture.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Lounge Taking Shape

( VIDEO) Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 saw Creative Ice Sculptors Steve and Justin Cox working on the couch and coffee table section that will become part of the Ice lounge for the upcoming weekend event.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Throne

Saturday January 7 marked the beginning of the week long professional ice sculpturing that will be taking place for the Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 by Creative Ice. Even though there is no snow this year, we are looking forward to cooler temperatures to keep the sculptures in place for the next week.

Lake Chelan Winterfest Right Around The Corner

Winterfest in Lake Chelan will prove to be bigger and better than ever as it now spans two weekends in January 2012.

Riverwalk Park In October

Riverwalk Park in Downtown Lake Chelan glimmers in the sunlight of a late October day.

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