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The Final Mission

Space shuttle Atlantis lands for the final time at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, bringing an end of an era for the NASA Space Shuttle Program.

A Busy Spacewalk

After the space shuttle Atlantis docked with the International Space Station (ISS) last week, astronaut Mike Fossum underwent a long spacewalk

Japan Donates $120,000 in Relief Supplies to Alabama

The Japanese Government is helping Alabama tornado victims.

Virtual Reality Can Ease Pain

Burn patients in the United States are being helped to escape the pain of burn injuries by immersing them in the virtual reality of a computer game during treatment.

Final Homes For Space Shuttles Revealed

Twenty-one museums and centers around the country put in bids for the space shuttles, massive mementos of 30 years of American spaceflight that are expected to be just as big tourist attractions in the years to come.

Cracks Found In 2 More Planes

Inspectors have found small, subsurface cracks in two more Southwest Airlines planes that are similar to the cracks that caused a jetliner to lose pressure and make a harrowing emergency landing in Arizona, the airline said Sunday.

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