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Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Multi Block Winners.

Multi block Ice sculpturing contest brought four very talented teams to Chelan for the Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Sculpting contest.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Historic Ice Sculptures

This was just one of the many Ice Sculptures being put together this week by Creative Ice for Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012. They were busy all day yesterday going around the Lake Chelan Valley creating sculptures of Lake Chelan history.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Slide

Steve and Justin Cox gave the Ice Slide at the Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 a quick try after completing it today. Looks like it met their approval. People started lining up immediately to “Do The Slide”.

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Bar

If you wondered what Creative Ice was sculpting next, look no farther. If you have an Ice Lounge, then you need a Ice Bar to go along with it.

The Deer Feeder

Although seeing deer is not uncommon on the south shore of Lake Chelan, I observed this buck in a leisurely snack time.

Chelan Ridge Winery

Chelan Ridge Winery is the result of many long days, weeks, months, and years of passion

Wally Peterson Memorial Fly In Well Attended.

Fly In Saw A Big Crowd.

Photos and Video By Tony Rose

The June 4, 2011 Wally Peterson Memorial fly in this weekend drew a big crowd of airplane enthusiasts.

Big Horn Sheep In Chelan

I spotted a small group of big horn sheep on Memorial Day right below Chelan Fruit.

North Wing Design Tests New Hang Glider Wings In Chelan

North Wing Design is a company based in Wenatchee, and also now at the Chelan Airport with part of their motorized division.

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