Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Bar

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Sculptures continue to take shape.

If you wondered what Creative Ice was sculpting next, look no farther. If you have an Ice Lounge, then you need a Ice Bar to go along with it.

As the weather starts to co-operate, the ice sculptures from Creative Ice are becoming more and more complex as they prepare Lake Chelan for the Winterfest 2012 event coming up this weekend. Pictured here, Steve and Justin Cox take a short break for a quick picture as they work on perfecting the “Ice Bar” Wednesday evening.

As we didn’t see them in the downtown area today, rumor has it they were busy setting up ice and doing some of the preparations for the sculptures that will be taking place this weekend.

I will catch up with them tomorrow and make sure that I get photos to post here of all the work they have done. The Lake Chelan Newspaper will continue to follow the ice sculpting throughout the event, and will also cover part of the Wine Walk that will also be taking place Friday and Saturday. Photos and videos will be posted as soon as they get processed during the event.

Make your plans now to attend the Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 in Chelan, Washington.

Click on these links to see previous photos of the Ice Throne and the Ice Lounge sculptures by Creative Ice.

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