Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 Ice Lounge Photos

Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 1st Day Photos of  “Ice Lounge”.

Lake Chelan Winterfest is again proud to have International Master Ice Sculptor Steve Cox who brings over 20 years of experience to every handcrafted sculpture. Together with his son Justin they create an average of 15-20 sculptures each week. By blending new technology and hand-craftsmanship, Creative Ice brings that special touch to the event that only they can accomplish!

Here are some photos of the “Ice Lounge” getting started today. This will be the featured ice sculpture at this years Winterfest,  The couch you see here will be completed with table, chairs, and of course the bar and serving area. It is estimated that over 100, 000 lbs of ice will be sculptured by Creative Ice during the course of this week.

Come join us for Lake Chelan Winterfest 2012 January 13 – 15, 2011

I will post updates each day as the week progresses.

Also see today’s Video Here………


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