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Chelan Ridge Winery

June 27,2011 | Tony Rose
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Lake Chelan’s newest winery prepares for busy season.

Chelan Ridge Winery did a soft opening on August 16, 2010 to make sure everything was ready for the Summer 2011 season in Lake Chelan.

Lake Chelan’s Newest Winery.

Chelan Ridge Winery is the result of many long days, weeks, months, and years of passion by Henry and Lynn Munneke, to bring that private touch of class to the wine industry in Lake Chelan.

The wines provide a crisp new flavor to the Chelan Valley Wine Scene. Chelan Ridge is the only winery in the Lake Chelan AVA that bottles all of their wines via a gravity flow system.
Henry and Lynn have their  “hands on every phase” of the wine making process, with Lynn being the wine maker, she feels really good about being in complete control of the flavor of the wine.

A Quick Tour.

Earlier this year Henry took me for a private tour of the new winery. needless to say I was very impressed by the knowledge he has, and the passion that Lynn and him for the wine industry.

The Aging Of Our Wine.

The Barrel Room. The perfect atmosphere was created in a natural environment with our barrel room. Being 25 ft underground has  made it perfect for temperature control. It stays virtually the same temperature year round without any heating or AC.

Our Technique.

How we produce our wine is special. We are the only winery in the Chelan Valley that uses gravity flow to do our bottling. This special process makes our wine even more enjoyable, just knowing the passion that goes into it.

The Vineyards

Chelan boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and the view of the vineyards below Chelan Ridge Winery just makes it all that much more unbelievable. You will see the true glory of the Chelan Valley Wine industry from the tasting room and outside deck.

Relax, You Deserve It!

Time To Relax! Need a break? This is the place in the Chelan Valley for a great relaxing view, and fantastic wine. The personal touch that Chelan Ridge Winery gives you makes it a place you will come back to. Actually, you won’t want to leave!

An Open Invitation

Come Visit Our New Winery. This is an open invitation for everyone to come and say a big hello to Henry and Lynn Munneke at the Chelan Ridge Winery. You will find it a unique experience, with a personal touch that you will never forget!

For More information, Location, and Hours of Operation, visit the Chelan Ridge Winery web site

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