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A long countdown for the NASA Commercial Crew liftoff

When it comes to dealing with space, NASA is one of the most prominent space research organizations in the world. The organization is popular for risky and successful space study and evolution. However, there has been a wait on the human orbital spaceflights for almost a decade. Patience is a virtue, and it pays. This saying follows the struggles of the human orbital spaceflights from the U.S. from 2011.

The SpaceX Falcon 9 successful liftoff took place on May 30th, which is nine years of a countdown to the first human orbital spaceflight. The launch placed a Crew Dragon and dual NASA astronauts on board. With this success, a lot of prospective parents came forward to express their joy on the successful launch.

The President in the USA, Donald Trump, came to the launch which took place in the Kennedy Space Center. He was fast to take credit for the successful launch. President Donald Trump stated that “With this Launch, the decades of lost time and little action are officially over.” The President, via his speech, also reported on the fact that the former leaders placed the United States orbital launches on the mercy of other countries for a successful launch. Still, the time of depending on other nations is over. 

Other people noted that the Commercial Crew project kicked off under the former President, Barack Obama’s administration. Days before the launch in a phone call, former Nasa Administrator and Sen. Charles Bolden and Bill Nelson gave credit to former vice president, Joe Biden. Nelson stated that Biden was part of the initial stage of the program, which led to the success in 2020. Jim Bridenstine, who currently leads NASA under President Donald Trump administration, also gave thanks to the former NASA boss, Charles Bolden, for the success of the launch.

Jim acknowledges that Charles is responsible for setting the program off the project and the better part of the project. Even though the project officially kicked off in 2011, there was Commercial crew support for its development for as early as 2005. 

The exact origin of the NASA Commercial Crew liftoff program was under Mike Griffin, who developed the plan and presented it on June 21st, 2005. He expressed his regrets for the simple and slow evolution in the space industry. Later he argued that the best way to evolve the Space world is by accessing the International Space Stations requirements. That is only achievable when NASA supplies a crew as in the later years. Mike Griffin gave whole more details about the expectations, financial conditions, and other factual needs to make the project a success. 

All this was possible in 2010 since that was the official date for the shuttle expire. And on May 30th, 2020, the world witnessed a 15-year countdown of the Commercial Crew liftoff.