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Israeli launches Opek 16 Satellite for complete coverage of surveillance

On the dawn of 6 July, Israeli launched its Ofek 16 surveillance satellite as part of a progressing plan of lifting off additional satellites after some time. 

Technologies from three Israeli’s renowned firms helped in the making of the satellite. The firms include; Elbit Systems that supplied its Jupiter Space Camera, Israeli Aerospace Industries that made the lofter by use of its systems, Missiles, and Space Group. The third company is Rafael Advanced  Defense Systems, whose work was to make propulsion structures, fueling, and other parts.

Despite the outbreak of Coronavirus, Israeli managed to carry out the launching process. The main reason why Israeli launched the satellite is to provide information about the advancement of technology and the ability to carry surveillance. Israeli will be in an excellent position to handle security threats since it has launched satellites that will help in the surveying of the country. After the completion of the first tests of the spacecraft, it will be ready to start carrying out its operations, such as the delivery of pictures, the 9000 Intelligence Unit of Israeli Defense Force. 

Ofek 16 is among the group of Israeli satellites that first launched 1988 intending to provide the country with full surveillance and safety from terror attacks. It is also part of group imaging boosters, the same to developed-generation of Ofek 11 that launched in 2016. 

Elbit provided the multi-spectral high-resolution Jupiter camera to Opek 16 satellite. It measures 1.5m in length, 120 kilograms in weight, and a 700mm platform, and its resolution is 50 centimeters from a height of 600 kilometers above the earth. According to Elbit, the camera can take pictures from a height of 15 square meters per shot. 

The military surveillance satellites are a complement to commercial Eros A, and B  launched in  2000 and 2006 in that order, and ImageSat International helps the spacecraft to carry out their operations. Eros A and B are the only operating commercial satellites of Israeli, and a third satellite is on the way. However, Israeli has not announced the number of military satellites it has on the moving path, but rumors say that there are about five operating surveillance satellites. 

Military satellites of Israeli launch from the Westward to a low Earth moving path of about a hundred kilometers. Israeli cannot launch the spacecraft from the Eastward because they soar above neighboring States. 

Israeli has worked along with other states like France,  Italy, and India, among other countries, to work on satellite technologies.