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Space Perspective plans on taking tourists to the stratosphere by use of Neptune Spacecraft

If all become successful, space explorers will get their chance of visiting the stratosphere. 

Space Perspective, a new firm plans on sending paying clients and scientific cargos to the stratosphere onboard of the Neptune Spacecraft. Neptune Spacecraft is a balloon-borne pressurized pod preparing for its initial experiment on flights next year. 

In a statement made on 18 June by Jane Poynter, the founder and the Co-CEO of Space Perspective, the firm is fully obliged to change the way people access to space. The firm plans to carry out their obligations by performing all the required research to benefit life on earth, how we perceive and interact with our planet. 

The Neptune Spacecraft pod is spacious in that it can accommodate one pilot with eight space travelers, who will enjoy their journey to the stratosphere. Inside the spaceship are seats, washrooms, a bar and large windows that will allow the passengers to have a great view of our planet earth against the darkness in the space. 

The spaceship will liftoff from the ancient Shuttle Landing Facility situated at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center (KSC) on the shoreline on Florida. Spacecraft Neptune travel east out of the Atlantic Ocean on winter space flights and then during the summer, the probe will go west over the Gulf of  Mexico. The journey is seasonal because of the prevailing winds.

The spacecraft will use approximately two hours soaring up to a maximum height above the ground of roughly 100,000 feet. A balloon filled with hydrogen making it the ability to float will pull the spaceship upon a height of 200 meters.

The pod will stay in the stratosphere for about two hours and then use two hours descending back to earth. A recovery boat, for instance, the likes of SpaceX Crew Dragon pods, will be used to take the spaceship out of water.

Neptune Spacecraft can be used again for other operations. However, there will be a need for a new balloon for that case.

In a statement, McCallum and Poynter stated that a ticket would likely to cost about $125,000, although, the cost for balloon experience is unknown. The ticket price is about the half cost stated a while ago just for a  trip on board of the Virgin Galactic’s Suborbital  SpaceShipTwo spacecraft. 

Space Perspective still has a long way to go, for instance: the firm has not decided the plant that will make its Neptune Spacecrafts and the location of its headquarters. Poynter said that the team is working hard to accomplish the pending activities since the launch exercises will commence in 2021.